1.FAQ: What is the Geographical location of the Pondicherry Port?
Ans:11°56N and 79° 50 E,Pondicherry ,South India.

2.FAQ: What is the Port Limit?
Ans: From the boundary pillar erected on the seashore of Pondicherry port 1595 meters north,2987 meters south to 15 fathoms of water in the east

3.FAQ: Give details of tidal range and variations?
Ans: Maximum tidal height :1.30m
Range aaaat spring tides :1.00m
Range aaaaat read tides :0.30m

4.FAQ: Type of climate,Rainfall and temperature?
Ans : Climate : Tropical

Annual rainfall : above 130cms
Temperature : 35° C-maximum
20° C-minimum Fair weather : January to October Monsoon/rough weather : November to October

5. FAQ: what is the draft of the navigable channel?
Ans : -4 meters on high tides to -2.5 metres.

6.FAQ: what are the facilities available?
Ans: Navigable channel,cargoquay,electronic weigh bridge,transitsheds,towinglaunches,tractortrailers,cranes,drydocking,slipway etc.

7.FAQ: what are the port charges?
Ans: Port dues,landingdues,transshipmentfees,machinery and equipments hire charges,groundrent,godownrent,vehicle entrance fee,weighmentcharges,watercharges,wagon siding charges and slipway charges.

8.FAQ: How to register a boat?
Ans: The boats are register under Pondicherry port harbor craft rules 1970 on payment of Rs.10/- on any working days of the port department through a written request.The renewal of the license can be made during the month of January only on payment of renewal of Rs.5/-per boat per annum