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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the Geographical location of the Pondicherry Port?
Ans:11°56N and 79° 50 E,Pondicherry ,South India.

2. What is the Port Limit?
Ans: From the boundary pillar erected on the seashore of Pondicherry port 1595 meters north,2987 meters south to 15 fathoms of water in the east

3. Give details of tidal range and variations?
Ans: Maximum tidal height :1.30m
Range aaaat spring tides :1.00m
Range aaaaat read tides :0.30m

4. Type of climate,Rainfall and temperature?
Ans : Climate : Tropical

Annual rainfall : above 130cms
Temperature : 35° C-maximum
20° C-minimum Fair weather : January to October Monsoon/rough weather : November to October

5. What is the draft of the navigable channel?
Ans : -4 meters on high tides to -2.5 metres.

6. What are the facilities available?
Ans: Navigable channel, cargoquay, electronic weigh bridge, transitsheds, towinglaunches, tractortrailers, cranes, drydocking, slipway etc.

7. What are the port charges?
Ans: Port dues, landingdues, transshipmentfees, machinery and equipments hire charges,groundrent, godownrent, vehicle entrance fee, weighmentcharges, watercharges, wagon siding charges and slipway charges.

8. How to register a boat?
Ans: The boats are register under Pondicherry port harbor craft rules 1970 on payment of Rs.10/- on any working days of the port department through a written request.The renewal of the license can be made during the month of January only on payment of renewal of Rs.5/-per boat per annum

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