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Details Of Port Infrastructure / Facilities


At New Port

image of cargo quay

1. A cargo quay - 150 m long and 25 m wide with 2.5 m draft alongside, 2.5 m draft in channel and 2.0 m draft at the mouth. There is a proposal to dredge the entire channel to a depth of 4.0 m

2. Main approach road - 500 m long with double lane

3. Transformer - 315 KVA

4. Transit sheds - 4 numbers each with a storage capacity of 3500 tons

At Old Port

image of RCC pier

1. A RCC pier - 286 meters long with working head of 102 meters (long) X 15 meters (wide). Draft alongside pier ranges from 4.5 meters to 6.0 meters.

2. Transformer load - 250 KVA

3. Transit sheds - 7 numbers with a total storage capacity of 12750 tons.

image of equipments

4. Equipments - 7 numbers with a total storage capacity of 12750 tons.

(a) Towing launches 1 number capable of towing 200 tons at a time.
(b) Tractors 1 number
(c) Trailers 3 numbers to carry out shunting operations within port area.
(d) Mobile cranes 1 number of 5 tons capacity when mobile and 10 tons capacity in blocked condition.

5. Railway sidings -3 numbers (Meter guage)

6. Open paved area -3500 sq.m ( for bagged cargo)


 image of slipway

1. A slipway - To facilitate repairs to vessels of size 30 m X 8 m weighing upto 150 tons @ Rs. 2000 per day as hire charges.

2. Sheltered water front in new port - for anchoring fishing boats, barges, port crafts, etc., during fair as well as monsoon seasons

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